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 "Through my whole life as records management student, I am realize that such a wonderful experience to live with as a record management student this is because through this course I learnt that  records is very important related to managements of information. instead of that, as for beginning in Record management we are get introduce by subject IMR451, this subject explaining are very basic information about record management information, such as what is record, record characteristic, electronic record, challenges in electronic keeping record, through this subject recognize the truly deemed of understanding of record and their important in our daily life and how can it can affect our daily life. In other hand, it is such interesting way to start with as introduction to record. In other hand, faculty record management provided a very good detailing subject to learn , such digitization, appraisal, arrangement and description, electronic record, and the most interesting is to get a chance to manage electronic management system such as DGFLO. 

 In addition, the subject in record management is very impressive this is because the subject provided the importance to recognize in relating the best practice in record management. It was a very attractive subject to learn and providing you with a huge amount of information that you can apply in various form of industry. In addition I also learn that records contain information that serves as a strategic resource to an organization. In addition, the value of the record provides variety of benefits which can be categorized into the aspects of administrative, financial, operational, legal and evidential values.  Instead of that, you will recognize the benefits of record as strategic resource, information resource reflects some sense of good evident and has strong relationships to the resource-based view of the firm in the strategic management perspectives. As overall record management is very attractive course to be part of and it will provide you with variety of jobs awaits you." - Nur Subhiyah Yusof

From my opinion, throughout 6 semesters I have study at the Universiti Teknologi MARA on Faculty Information Management in Bachelor of Science Records Management (Hons.),  I can describe that this faculty is give a beneficial input to the student who is under this faculty especially in records management.  The subject is overall related to the management records.  Besides that the course also gives the student the input to face the true working environment future.  Throughout 6 semesters in this faculty of records management, the lecturer is overall as excellent in deliver the responsibility as lecturer to guide the student to the right track.  For example in semester 6, I have been guided by excellent lecturer which is Dr. Nurussobah bt Hussin, Dr. Samsul bin Shoid, Dr. Ahmad Azman bin Mohamd Ramli, and En. Alwi bin Mohd Yunus.  Generally all lecturers in part 6 is senior lecturer which is experience in teaching approximately more than 10 years and above.

Activity and program that has been done by faculty records management is really attractive, informative and in a same time it can be strengthen the relationship between the student and lecturer.  The program and activity is such Family day IREC at Lembah Pangsun, Hulu Selangor 2016.  This activity is involved between student and lecturer at faculty records to do activity such hiking, explorace, grouping treasure and many more.  The others activity is campaign audiovisual material at the ground floor Faculty Information which show the material audiovisual in physical form to student Uitm Puncak Perdana.  This campaign also spread brochure and information about the audiovisual.  This campaign involved between part 6 student records and lecturer IMR665 which is Dr. Ahmad Azman bin Mohamad Ramli. - Norwaridzah Jais