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The Impact Of Record Management In Organization


Nur Subhiyah binti Yusof
Faculty of Information Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

This article will discuss about the impact of record management in organization. The impact good governance of record can be seen through the creation, organisation, maintenance and disposition of the records of the organisation which arises as a result of its daily activities. This article will highlight of the impacts of good governance as the management of records supports complex decision-making processes within organizations. Next, minimizes the risks associated with trustworthiness, reliability, protection, organizational image and costs associated with organizational records are linked to records management performance. In addition, organizational will well aware that information on what assets need to be appraised, accessioned, arranged and described so in consequences organization can managed resource effectively. In extras, organization will manage all its records and information-related activities proactively and progressively by control the creation and growth of records. For last, this article also will illustrate why the training in record management need in organization.

Keyword: The impact, Record, Record Management, Governance, Organization, Training