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The Unseen Profession: The Roles of Records Management Professionals


Hani Musfirah binti Mohd Fauzi
Faculty of Information Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

The purpose of this article is to focus on the roles of records management professionals in an organization. If previously, records being managed by clerk or various level of staff but nowadays with the existing of Records Management itself, profession as Records Manager is a must in an organization as these person are the most suitable one to handling and taking care the records.

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Each of every organization that exists must have their own records that being stored for business transactions and also for business evidences. It is impossible to say if there are organizations said that they don’t have any records to be managed in their organizations. Management of records/archives is not being paid much attention by people and organizations even they’re producing or using during their daily life activities (Dikopoulou & Athanassios, 2012). With the creation of records not only one but many records, there’s responsible person needed in order to handle those records. 

The responsible person is called as Records Management Professionals which is include as Records Manager, Document Controller and many else. Records professionals earn their place in organizations of business and goals (Mohd Saufi Samsudin, 2014). The aims of this article is to highlight the existence of records management professional where it is one of profession that been question by some people. As according Aliza and Adnan (2010), if there’s question to Malaysian children on what they will be when they grow up, the answers definitely to be a well-known profession such as doctors, engineers, architects and not as a records manager. With the purpose of this article, hopefully the profession as records professional can be seen by most of people because they must know on how much important it is to have records professional in their organizations.